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Thursday is Thanksgiving – when turkey will be the staple along with stuffing, sweet potatoes and gravy. Virtually everyone I’ve spoken to in River Creek and Lansdowne will spend the day with family and friends. Some will be traveling; others will be hosting at home.

And the day signals the beginning of the holiday season. Already, we have seen a Christmas tree or two and the Potomac Club in Lansdowne had its annual Angel Tree from the Salvation Army. People come along and hang the names of children and what they would like to have for Christmas on the tree, ones who could be left wanting at Christmas. In short order contributors have accommodated all of the ‘angels.’

Several folks from River Creek and Lansdowne voiced their memories of Thanksgivings past. Jack Wargo said that his most memorable was last year when he was in the hospital on Thanksgiving Day suffering from a heart condition. His expectations were dismal, he said, even to the point of perhaps not recovering. Instead, the doctors gave him a release the next day and they had turkey on Friday.

Stan Williams unhesitatingly said his most memorable was, “Coming here in 1966 where there was 3 feet of snow on the ground from Houston, Texas.”
Williams remembers with a note of regret how they used to play football on Thanksgiving Day and this one year, he was responsible for injuring one of his friends who had to go to the emergency room. “I did take him there,” Williams said.

Faith Abaolino of Lansdowne said simply that being with her grandparents and family was the highlight of her Thanksgivings.

Lansdowne resident Ashley Combs recounted her younger days living in Michigan. “We would go to the Detroit Lions football game then celebrate at a Holiday Inn. Family would come in from all over the country.” Her father is Wayne Fontes, who was the head coach of the Detroit Lions from 1988 to 1996. He earned Coach of the Year honors in 1991 when his team won 12 games and the NFC championship. Comber said their celebrations were far more enjoyable if the Lions won that day.

Thanksgiving celebrations began in 1621 and since have spread to other countries. The countless memories over that period of time would fill volumes. So here’s wishing everyone a safe, sound and enjoyable Thanksgiving.
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RIVER CREEK/LANSDOWNE: Down by the river
Both River Creek and Lansdowne border the Potomac River. In each case, a number of golfing holes trace their path along the shoreline. Thus, it’s not uncommon for golf balls to find their way into the river. Most golfers find disfavor in such instances. However, it might be worth remembering that the entire Potomac lies in the State of Maryland so that in later years these same golfers can boast that they hit a golf ball so far it went into the next state.

This resulted, according to sources, from a judgment by the courts some years ago. Even so, as described by Marc Montgomery, the developer of the River Creek community, Virginia can acquire permission to use the water and thanks to that source the golf courses in River Creek and Lansdowne can be irrigated.

Down through the years this stretch of the Potomac has seen epic proportions of historical value. One of the maps developed by cartographer and historian, Eugene Scheel showed the river as it was in the 1700 and 1800s. There once were six ferry crossings in the proximity of the two communities. Of the six only White’s Ferry remains. Other than White’s Ferry, Edwards’ Ferry apparently was the last to go out of business in the early 1920s after transporting passengers across the waterway for close to 100 years. Barge traffic entered the River from Goose Creek and crossed over to a set of locks that lifted them onto the C and O Canal, which runs adjacent to the Potomac on its shore opposite River Creek and Lansdowne.

As is widely known, the Union troops crossed the Potomac on their way to Gettysburg in the proximity of Goose Creek.

According to Wikipedia, our predecessors the Algonquian Indians, adopted the name Potowmack, spelled in various ways according to the way it sounded until 1931 when the Board of Geographic Names decided on Potomac.

Troupe Theater Productions

This past week, River Creek conducted an audition for children ages 6 to 12 to be qualified to join a Disney Review Workshop conducted by Troupe Theater Productions. They will be having rehearsals “3:30 to 5:30 p.m. most afternoons at the Arris Montessori Academy in Ashburn.” The performance, not yet named, will take place on Friday, Jan/ 22 and Sunday, Jan. 24, 2016, at River Creek.

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RIVER CREEK/LANSDOWNE: River Creek artists
Two River Creek artists, Bea Snyder and Dell Keathley, have been honored by having their paintings in the Aldie Mill Art Show scheduled all of this week at the Aldie Mill. The show is sponsored by the Loudoun Sketch Club, an organization formed in 1944 by Ms. Vinton Pickens who once lived on the property that now belongs to the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in Lansdowne. The original name of the club was Hot Sketchers. Pickens' legacy resulted when she convinced the Board of Supervisors at the time to not allow billboards in Loudoun County, an ordinance that exists to this day.

Snyders’s paintings include a floral called “Summer Girls”; another landscape named “The Pink Tree” and the third a ‘nocturnal’ entitled “The Spanish Steps.” She has five of her paintings in the Mill Show in Millwood.

Keathley has one in the show with the title “The Green of Loudoun” involving a view from Shelbourne Glebe.

Young pollsters
One day this past week a young school age lad came riding up on his bicycle in the parking lot at the River Creek Club. He said that he and his brother were taking a poll. When I asked if it was a school project he replied that they were doing this on their own. He had two questions: What was your all time favorite TV show and all time favorite movie?

After revealing our choices we found out that most of the people they surveyed named “Seinfeld” as their favorite TV show; “I Love Lucy” was second and in third place, “M.A.S.H.”The all time favorite movie according to the people they interviewed was “Gone with the Wind.”

I found this interesting because these selections were not contemporary. The demographics of River Creek run the gambit from young to senior. Why would someone in their 20s nominate “Gone with the Wind?” Or for that matter why “Seinfeld,” although re-runs are on TV every day, but not “I Love Lucy?” It could be that to this point they had interviewed only seniors even though all ages come in and out of the parking lot.

What do you think?
How about extending the survey? If you feel so inclined please send me an email naming your all-time favorite TV show and your all time favorite movie and we can publish the results.
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