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    River Creek & Lansdowne
    RIVER CREEK/LANSDOWNE: The dog’s day of summer
    As one person put it, “This summer has flown by like a rocket ship.” It seemed only a couple weeks ago that swimming pools were opening, summer vacations were underway, golfing and tennis addicts had swelled the courts and courses. Baseball fans sat in the stands watching their teams play ball. Outdoor concerts and movies had the usual appeal. And almost everyone complimented nature on providing what must have been one of the least humid and hot summers in some time.

    Next week, school buses will be back on the streets; nightfall will come earlier and there will be a closing of the swimming pools. On Monday, Sept. 1 at the Potomac Club at Lansdowne on the Potomac, the outdoor pool will have its annual Dog Expo/Pooch Pool Party. Dog owners will have access to the pool prior to 5 p.m. At 6 p.m. the dogs will have the run of the place and be able to take a dip. The party will end at 7 p.m. when the pool will be closed until next year. Several vendors will be offering training, pet sitting, mobile pet spa, pet nutrition and veterinary advice.

    Labor Day driving tips for seniors

    A few seniors in River Creek and Lansdowne will be driving to visit friends and relatives on the Labor Day weekend even though every day can be a day of labor for retired seniors. Nevertheless, some informal guidelines based on experience might be helpful:

    *Turning off the freeway to attend to natural business or buy gasoline can be disorienting when returning to the freeway. One way to avoid heading north when you should be going south is to write yourself a destination note and paste it to the steering wheel.

    *A stiff cup of coffee for an advisable early morning departure plus a travel cup of the caffeine laced drink could be essential in keeping the driver awake. Falling asleep at the wheel can cause panic among the passengers even though you're on cruise control.

    *Now that seniors have cellphones it’s a good idea to ask one of the passengers to take care of texting and calling. You may have to explain to them how to do it unless you have grandchildren in the car.

    Otherwise have a safe and fun-filled Labor Day weekend.

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    RIVER CREEK/LANSDOWNE: Slovakia comes to Loudoun
    Zuzana Danielova
    One of the lifeguards at the Harper Clubhouse in Lansdowne is from Sovakia. It’s her second year coming to the states. I asked her what was most notable about Lansdowne? Zuzana Danielova replied without hesitation: People. “So nice,” she says. They occasionally have brought her food and clothing. When she has been in Washington D.C., passersby have stopped to ask if she needs directions. Her favorable impressions are a testament to the welcoming nature of where we live.

    She’s a student at Economy University in her home country majoring in marketing management. She likes American movies and riding the roller coasters at King’s Dominion. Ocean City is one of her favorites because of the beach. “We don’t have beaches in Slovakia.” She has an affinity for the Lincoln Memorial. Although she says she knows little about the person Lincoln, she thinks that architecturally the memorial is a masterpiece. Danielova (suffix ova for female) won’t be back next year as she wants to find an internship in her chosen profession. But maybe her memories will linger.
    Selfie-ish at Lansdowne Resort

    The 13-week contest is about to come to a close next week. Residents and non-residents alike have had the opportunity to submit selfie photos in a contest that selects weekly winners and out of those the judges will select the grand prize photo that will be announced Sept. 1. Spokesperson Phil Werz at the resort says there have been some interesting entries. “One girl used a Go Pro camera and took one underwater. Another involved a couple in a kayak and still another featuring a sunrise in the background.”

    He says the contest is open to everyone, hotel guest or not, and have had some come in from locations outside the state. You can enter by visiting I wa.s considering entering but didn’t want to damage the camera.


    The Village Green in Lansdowne Town Center will host its final concert this year on Aug. 22 at 6:30 p.m. with some preliminary student bands before the main event featuring Panic for the Vibe musical group specializing in reggae mix, R&B and rock. With summer heat forecast bring air conditioner and seating.

    River Creek will be showing “The LEGO Movie” at poolside on Aug. 23 at 8:30 p.m. Seating provided and you can cool off in the pool.
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    RIVER CREEK/LANSDOWNE: Summer reading
    My literary habits have no discipline, rather an apportioned dose of disorganization. I was thinking of joining one of the book clubs in River Creek as they have a sterling record in the literary field. My only problem is that I would miss guys’ night out and Nationals' baseball games on TV.

    While these clubs have a social element, their central purpose is reading. Most if not all of the book clubs in River Creek consist of women. Some read the books themselves and some read off a Kindle or iPad. They usually meet once a month, decide on a book and have it read by the next meeting for discussion. As a result their span of content continues to increase to their benefit.

    The Player’s View Book Club earlier read “Lost Horizons” by James Hilton, the classic story of Shangri-La. To add to the flavor, they obtained a CD of the old movie with Ronald Coleman and thus had a chance to compare it with the book. In addition they read “The Orphan Train” by Christine Blake Kline. It recalls a sad chapter in this country’s history as they shipped orphans from the East Coast to the Midwest. “Most ended up as indentured servants, rather than being adopted by family members,” said Bea Snyder, member of the book club. Players View member Marilyn Wilson’s reaction to this migration: “A disturbing story.”

    “The Invention of Wings” was the choice of Book Bonders Book Club and involved the story of sisters in Charleston, S.C. in the 1800s. Book club member Dorothy MacDonald said that the story is about two privileged Southern sisters who spoke out against the injustice of slavery. “It was a very, very good book,” she said. They were willing to “risk their personal safety and the possible loss of friends and loved ones.”

    On a lighter note, Carol Wrable recounts the reading of the Book Club for Blondes (there are at least three non-blondes in the club) with the book, “One Lavender Ribbon” by Heather Burch. She says “The book, a very light summer read, involves a divorced woman who discovers a stack of love letters from World War II.” They lead to an unlikely romance.

    The Between the Covers book club has relegated its members to fend for themselves over the summer in their individual book selections. They will reconvene in September.

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